Indoor Shooting Range
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1528 Campus Drive - Warminster, PA 18974
 Services Offered
Safe, Clean, Bright, Inviting, Entertaining, Empowering...


Dedicated Range Safety Officers
Trained and Certified Range Safety Officers (RSOs) with the right attitude will escort you to your lane and physically show you how to use our facility.  Their purpose is to maintain a safe environment and remain as unintrusive as possible.  We understand that our each customer has different wants and needs, so when requested they are there to help.
Lane Reservations
No more waiting in line. Members may reserve lanes in advance. The membership you select dictates the number of included weekly reservations and the time frame in advance that you can reserve the lane.  All Members can reserve lanes a month in advance for their Birthdays.
Firearms & Equipment - Try Them Before You Buy Them
We test the latest and greatest firearms and equipment and will provide that equipment for rent prior to purchase.  When you purchase the item there is no fee to try it.  If you try it and dont like it, you can just pay the small rental fees.  Members receive discounts on all rentals. 
Group Classes & Private Lessons
No more 30-1 student to instructor ratio classes. Our group classes are 4-1 and 2-1 student to instructor ratio. We offer private lessons for couples and individuals. Our proprietary method of instruction has been proven successful for all levels of experience. Experts in their fields Instructor/Coach experience...  Our Coaches and Instructors have earned there titles with sweat, blood and sacrifice.
Competitions & Tournaments
We will have weekly competitions and tournaments to test your skills and have a blast. Our facilities allow us to host NRA bulseye, IDPA, USPSA, IPSEC, Steel matches.
Tactical Skills Night
Every night we will host Tactical drills in our Tactical Bay. This will allow shooters to build skills rarely allowed. Shooting in Low/No light, shooting on the move, moving targets, baricades, cardio exercises to raise heat rates while shooting.  This is where you get to do the training the other ranges deny you from doing.  We know the importance of realistic training and plan to give it to you every night.  Our Coaches, Instructors and RSOs will be there to guide you in your.
Corporate Events
We offer varying size rooms and equipment to meet the needs of small to large events. You can select to add lanes, bays, simulator, shoothouse, coaches, instructors and range safety officers to your events. We can provide themes for you or we can just help you set yours up. 
You can reserve our facilities for any event imaginable. Bachelor, Bachelorette, Birthday, Aniversarry and Holiday parties to name a few. 
Special Events
Ladies Night will be held week. We will dedicate 1 class room and ajoining bay to women only shooters.
The competition had over 30 years to get it right.  They have failed.  Its about time someone started treating their customers right.
Indoor Shooting Range