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Customer Service and Satisfaction
Customer Service is the most important service Guardian offers.  Our vision is to not just meet your expectations, its to exceed them.  Guardian will provide solutions to your problems and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment.  Our staff will give you their undivided attention, truly listen to you to identify your needs by asking questions, and actually listening to your answers.  Guardian is dedicated to earning your trust by making you 100% satisfied with our services.   Read below and see if our competitors even come close to offering what Guardian does.
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Our Staff
Guardian screenes our staff for the proper balance of personality, knowlede, and experience.  Our goal is to create an environment that makes you feel good and allows you to gain the knowledge you seek.  Our staff is cafefully selected from a pool of Law Enforcement and Miltary Veterans, and a select group of civilians with the proper attitude and hands on experience.  We then professionally train them how to best serve our customers.  It will be our pleasure to assist you, your friends, family and co-workers.
Lane Reservations

No more waiting in line. Members may reserve lanes in advance, non-members can only request lanes upon arival. The membership you select dictates the number of included weekly reservations and the time frame in advance that you can reserve the lane.  All Members can reserve lanes a month in advance for their Birthdays.  Couples and Family memebrs can reserve lanes a month in advance for their aniversary.
Shooting Lane & Bay Selection

You can select your lanes and bays based on your needs.  With our multiple bay layout, our range can provide you with the environment you want without disturbing the other customers with different needs.  You wont get stuck next to that guy anymore.  All of our customers receive this service.  Members requests are filled first followed by non-members based on priority levels.  Each membership dictates the priority levels.  Read more . . .
Dedicated Range Safety Officers

Trained and Certified Range Safety Officers (RSOs) with the right attitude will escort you to your lane and physically show you how to use our facility.  Their purpose is to maintain a safe environment and remain as unintrusive as possible.  If you need help, they will assist you.  If you dont need help, they will assure the individual next to you stays safe for you.  These are not annoying safety officers you are used to.  Again your satisfaction is paramount.
Selecting Firearms and Equipment 
Our staff will provide you all the attention you need, however; there are times when we get unforseen crowds of people.  If you wish, we offer private sessions with our staff to include our coaches and instructors to assist you in finding the correct equiment that will work for you and your needs.  You will find our dedication to your satisfaction second to none.
Firearms & Equipment - Try Them Before You Buy Them
Our coaches and instructors test, video record and write reviews on every piece of equipment and all major firearms prior to placing them in our inventory.  You can watch our video reviews in the store by taking a picture of the items QRC codes on your phone.  We rent out the tested firearms and equipment so that you may try out and test them prior to purchase.  When you purchase the new item there is no fee to try it.  If you try it and dont like it, you can just pay the small rental fees.
Group Classes

No more 30 to 1 student to instructor ratio classes. Our group classes are designed for a 12 to 1 maximum ratio in the class room and a 2 to 1 ratio on the range.  We offer private lessons for individuals and couples. Our proprietary method of instruction has been proven successful for all levels of experience.  We focus our training on the mind 1st then the body.  Our Coaches and Instructors are experts in their fields and have  earned there titles with sweat, blood and sacrifice.  Read more...
Private Lessons

We offer private lessons for individuals and couples who seek more personal attention. You can choose from our Female or Male Coaches and Instructors to solve any issues that come your way.  Wheather you are just learning to shoot, have been doing it for a while and not happy with your results or want to take your training to the next level, see our training section for further details.  Either way you will leave will a smile. Read more...
Quiet Bay and Lanes
This bay is being designed to offer the shooter the quietest and most relaxing experience available.  This range will be used for new shooters and lower noise producing firearms.  The booths will be equiped with brass deflectors to stop your neighbors brass from hitting you.  The center 4 lanes are 4 feet wide and the outer 2 lanes are a spacious 5 feet wide.  If your looking to have some fun with the family or just a relaxing time at the range, reserve or request these lanes.  Only members can reserve lanes. Read more...
Rapid Fire and Draw from Concealment

Not only do we allow it, we encourage it.  With our Multiple Bay Configuration and the ability to choose your lane and bay,  you can be placed in the proper Bay for rapid fire and drawing.  For those of us who carry daily, getting the firearm into the fight is the most important skill, and yet most ranges deny you the ability to properly train.  If you dont want to be near someone while they are rapid firing and drawing, you can be placed in the Quit bay where it is not allowed.  Read more...
Advanced/Tactical Training

Each week night from 6 to 10, we will host advanced/tactical events in our Tactical Bay where we move forward of the firing line. This will allow shooters to build skills rarely allowed on most ranges while using handguns, shotguns, carbines and long guns. The scheduled events will vairy each night to include the following:
- Multiple target engagements
- Pivots and turns
- Shooting while moving;
          - forward/backward/lateral
- Shooting at moving targets
- Proper use of cover & concealment
- Shooting from and around barricades 
- Alternate shooting positions
- Use of gym equipment;
           - to raise heart rates while shooting

- Shooting in Low/No light
- Heavy bags for contact drills
This is where you get to do the training that other ranges deny you.  Members receive discounts to these events, so check out the members section to get the full benefit of our facilites.
Competitions & Tournaments

We will have weekly competitions and tournaments to test your skills and have a blast. Our facilities allow us to host NRA bulseye, IDPA, USPSA, IPSEC, Steel matches.  Our trophy case will house the tropies for the major events to showcase your hard earned skills.  The winners names and record holders in each event will have their names engraved on plaques.  Events will include, accuracy, speed, best balance, under streess etc...  There will be a division for every type and skill level of shooter.       
Ladies Night

Ladies Night will be held each week. Bays will be reserved for ladies only and the adjoining classroom.  Each event will have its own special surprises to add to the fun.  You can record your fun with your phones or you can have it recorded from the special RSOs with their equipment. 
Parties & Special Events

You can reserve our facilities for any event imaginable. Bachelor, Bachelorette, Birthday, Aniversarry and Holiday parties to name a few.  Sporting events, card games, etc... themes we can add all the things you need instructores etc...
Corporate Events

We offer varying size rooms and equipment to meet the needs of small to large events. They include a conference table with ? chairs, large screen TV with hookups, computer, conference phone etc... You can select to add lanes, bays, simulator, shoothouse, coaches, instructors and range safety officers to your events. We can provide themes for you or we can just help you set yours up.   
VIP Services

Private bay and lanes, Private lounge, dedicated parking, valet equipment service-car/locker to lane and back, long term and short term storage, kitchen.  If you require privacy we can provide  
The competition had over 30 years to get it right, they have failed.  Its about time someone started treating their customers right.