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Personal Protection TRAINING

If you had to fight for the life of a loved one tomorrow,
how would you train today?  
Practical Hands-On Training for an Uncertain World.

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Providing specialized lessons tailor made to your needs for Civilians - Security - Law Enforcement - Military.  We have selected the finest Coaches and Instructors available from various branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, Law Enforcement and Competition.  Guardian has a strict selection policy for our Knowledge Providers. You will see our Coaches and Instructors on the ranges and combative facility each and every day honing their skills.  In addition to our professional experiences, we travel the country and participate in schools and events to continue our education.  The true value of a Coach/Instructor is in what their student can accomplish.  Explore below to see why "SHOW ME" is the most powerful statement you can make. 



We don't just show you how to shoot a firearm, we show you how to fight with it.  Guardian provides lessons in Pistol, Carbine, Rifle, and Shotgun to law abiding individuals who no longer wish to live in fear.  Explore below to see how Guardian can give you the Empowerment you seek.   

  • Hand Guns
  • Carbines
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
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Most fights are won or lost during the initial contact with your adversary. Guardian provides the lessons needed in getting your weapons into the fight. Whether those weapons are your fists and elbows or your firearm and knife, Guardian will teach you how to win lethal and non-lethal encounters.

  • Private Lessons
  • Semi-Private Lessons
  • Group Lessons
  • Seminars
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You fight with your mind, your arms and legs are an extension of your will. Training the mind is most often overlooked and yet it's the most important training you can receive.  Lessons include:

  • Awareness
  • Fight or Flight Response
  • Mental Preparation
  • Confront and Control
  • Mind Controls the Body
  • Understanding Fear and how to use it
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Personal Protection SPRAYS

Personal Protection Sprays are an often overlooked defensive delivery system. Your Guardian Coach and Instructors will teach you the differences between the vast selections and show you the pros and cons to each.  We will cover carry methods, deployment methods,  Tactics and Skills needed to effectively deploy against your attacker. ​Using our actual training sprays, we can teach you how to deploy real spay on an attacker.  Familiarity and preparation should come before you find yourself in a dangerous situation. . .   
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IMPACT Weapon Lessons

Each of us can only generate a certain amount of force. With weapons, a smaller defender can generate more force and overcome a larger attacker.  From Flashlights, Tactical Pens, ASP Batons to Glass bottles and Bricks.  Our Coaches and Instructors will show you how to use these items effectively against your attacker.
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EDGED Weapon Lessons

Ever hear "Don't bring a knife to  gunfight" This is usually said by someone who has neer seen a knife fight up close. We will show you videos of real knife fights so you will never under estimate the effectiveness of an edged weapon again. Lessons include hands on Training:

  • Understanding Options
  • Selection - Fixed vs Folding
  • Carry Locations
  • Deployment from Concealment
  • Attacks/Defenses
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EDC- Every Day Carry

Now that you have learned how to use defensive tools, we will teach you what is practical to carry and what is not. Every day carry items should be effective and still be of practical size to carry on a daily basis.  Guardian coaches will show you how to carry these items so they may be used as a layered defense.  Ever wonder which pocket each item should be in?  How will you use each item?  Is the knife in my pocket faster than the gun in my holster? If my gun fails can I reach my knife?  How do I use my flashlight with my gun?  GTC will put you in each of these situations and help you see why carry placement is so important.

Trauma Casualty Care

These lessons go far beyond first aid classes.  We cover how to respond to gunshot wounds, knife wounds, broken bones and Trauma seen on the street. You will learn how to keep yourself or your loved ones alive until you can get to a higher level of care.  Here at Guardian you will learn these skills 1st in the class room and then have to apply them in our shoothouse under realistic situations.  We create interactive training scenarios utilizing life-like three dimensional Moulage.  Lessons include building your own medical kits to meet your needs.

Go Bags & Kit Creation

A Go Bag needs to be accessible, lightweight and tailored to suit your needs. When emergencies occur, they happen fast and most people have little time if any to get away. Look at the video and pictures from Hurricane Katrina. Miles and miles of traffic on the roads, at gas stations and supermarkets.  You simply can't always get away with your car.  Medical emergencies need to be dealt with swiftly and if you get caught without the necessary gear, lives can be lost.  Here at Guardian we show you how to build and use your Go Bags and the equipment or Kit stored inside. 

Home Defense Plans

Guardian Coaches and Instructors visit your home and workplace to analyze your environment.  We make you aware of the weaknesses in your home and provide solutions to fortify your defenses.  We provide reports on your local police department, Fire department, Hospital, Emergency services. Demographics to include crime rates, types and frequency.  Our coaches make visits during the day and then again at night.
  • Classroom portion
  • Your Home analysis
  • Your Office analysis

Shoot House Lessons

This is where you put it all together and test your new found skills.  No more guessing as to what happens in violent encounters.  You will progress through all types of encounters at your pace.  From Home Invasion, Workplace Violence, etc....



FIRST,  you must defend yourself and loved ones in the street, THEN you must defend yourself in the courtroom. DO NOT MAKE THE LETHAL MISTAKE of confusing the two.  Here at Guardian you will learn the difference.

  • What are you prepared to do?
  • ​What are you legally allowed to do?
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