Indoor Shooting Range
(267) 387-6357
1528 Campus Drive - Warminster, PA 18974


Our lanes are first to come, first serve to non-members.
If you wish to 
reserve lanes and take full advantage of our facility and services,
please see our membership section.
$20.00 per hour for the 1st Shooter
$10.00 per hour for the 2nd shooter on the same lane
50% Off Range Time Sworn Law Enforcement & Currently Serving Military
Open to the Public
Mon to Fri 12 pm to 10 pm / Sat 9 am to 10 pm / Sun 9 am to 6 pm
When you first arrive at our facility you will immediately notice the friendly staff.  They will make you feel comfortable and gladly assist you with all your needs.  If you are a new customer to the range, our staff will help you fill out the Range Rules and Waiver forms.  A Range Safety Officer (RSO) will explain how to use the range and assist you with any needs you might have.  Your RSO will then escort you to your lane and show you how the range equipment functions.  To maintain a safe environment an RSO stays in the range.  Their job is to stay as unobtrusive as possible until you request their assistance.  When you become a return customer, you just hand in your identification. 


Select your lane from either the Quiet Bay or Heavy Bay depending on your needs.  All member requests are assigned prior to non-members.  

$20.00/hr     1st Shooter
$10.00/hr     2nd Shooter on same lane

50% Off         Sworn Law Enforcement &                              Currently Serving Military
You have a 10 minute grace period to set up and clean up.  Every 15 min over your time there is a $5 fee for the 1st shooter and a $2.50 fee for the 2nd shooter.  You are responsible for keeping track of your time.  We suggest setting an alarm on your phone.

  • RAPID FIRE Allowed
  • DRAW from Holster Allowed
  • TURNING Targets​
  • 3D & SELF-DEFENSE Targets
  • Most Fun Ever in a Shooting Range!


We have all the equipment needed to enjoy your visit. We offer different types of rental equipment to try prior to purchasing.  If you choose to purchase new versions of the rental equipment we waive the rental fees.  Most items in the store are rentable so please feel free to TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.
$   2.00     Eye Protection
$   2.00    
Ear Protection - Standard
$   5.00    
Ear Protection - Electronic          $   2.00     Speed Loader
$   5.00     Bench Rest & Side Table
$   5.00    
Brass Catcher

$10.00     Shot Clock/Timer
$10.00     Shot Max Watch
Camera with tripod
GoPro or Camera Glasses         

$  5/10     Handheld Flash Lights
$  5/10     Misc. Kit - Holsters etc...
$10.00     Battle Belts/attachments
$15.00     BODY ARMOR w/Plates


Guardian has the largest selection of modern personal protection firearms in the region.  We have over 200 Handguns, Rifles, and Shotguns to choose from plus NFA equipment such as Suppressors, Short Barrel Rifles (SBRs) and coming soon...Full Auto MACHINE GUNS.
$12.00     Handgun
$15.00     Handgun with Optic
$20.00     Handgun with Suppressor
$12.00     Shotgun
$15.00     Shotgun with Optic
$12.00     Rifle/Carbine
$15.00     Rifle/Carbine with Optic
$25.00     Rifle/Carbine with Supressor
$  5/10     Tac Lights & Lasers
$15.00     + Suppressor to your gun!!!
      TBD     Machine Gun (Coming Soon)

$25.00/hr - Private RSO if Needed

NOTE: For more details about Renting Firearms see Policies and Procedures 
Indoor Shooting Range